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Preventative Maintenance Tip

Blade Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Sharpening your blades is the best way to get a nice even cut on your grass. However, when sharpening your blade, having a razor sharp edge can do more harm than good. Thinning of the blade edge causes weakening of the steel and is more likely to fold over and chip. Sharpening your blade then running a file over the edge will help avoid these issues.

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Maintenance Tips

Lawn and Garden Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Tip

Deck Wash Maintenance:

Keeping your lawn mower cutting deck is crucial to lawn & garden equipment maintenance. We suggest cleaning your deck after every use, to avoid build-up.

This ensures your blade spinning freely without adding additional strain to your engine. It also helps maximize your blade and decks life expectancy!

-Team NMSE


NMSE General Servicing

Includes: Blade Sharpen, Greasing, Oil Change, System Check & More!

Lawn Mower General Service Starts at: $55.00 + Parts!

Self Propelled Lawn Mower General Service Starts at: $65.00 + Parts!

Lawn Tractor General Service Starts at: $125.00 + Parts!

Chainsaw General Service Starts at: $55.00 + Parts!

Generator General Service Starts at: $55.50 + Parts!

Pressure Washer General Service Starts at: $65.00 + Parts!

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